In Scotland a death may be registered in any registrar area office of Births, Deaths and Marriages

How to Register a Death


The death must be registered within eight days of death but it is desirable to have the death registered as soon as possible. A death must be registered before cremation or burial takes place.  Once you you have the medical death certificate you should immediately contact the Registrar's Office of your choice as both North and South Lanarkshire Registrars now operate an appointment only system.    


Who can register a death?

A death is normally registered by a relative, executor or a legal representative or any other person possessing the information required by the Registrar.


Documents required by the Registrar

  1. Medical Certificate of cause of death (Death Certificate).
  2. The deceased's Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate, if appropriate.
  3. N.H.S. Medical Card (if available).
  4. Any Pension Books.
  5. Names of any Insurance Companies.


Registrar will issue:

  1. A Certificate of Registration of Death (Form 14), which is given to the Funeral Director.
  2. Abbreviated extract if there are no insurances etc (free of charge).
  3. Full Extracts for Insurance Companies, Banks, Building Societies etc. (A charge is made per extract).
  4. Notification of death (green form) BD8. This should be handed in to the local job centre. Please note when you take this form to the job centre please advise them if you intend to make a funeral costs claim from the DWP social fund department