The decision to choose MacGregor and Smith will ensure that all plans for the funeral will be carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The duty of arranging a funeral most often rests with the relatives or closest friends of the deceased. This is a very emotional and challenging experience for many people as they attempt to manage their own sense of loss when accompanied by a responsibility to make appropriate and suitable funeral arrangements for their loved one.

We also understand that some individuals often want a higher than normal level of involvement in the preparation for the funeral and in the practical aspects of the funeral itself and we therefore facilitate this where possible.

MacGregor and Smith are here to help and support you through this process, offering as much practical, emotional and spiritual support as you request or require.

If Someone Dies at Home

If the death was expected it would be normal to inform the deceased’s doctor who would then attend to certify the death. The doctor will usually advise the relatives when to collect the death certificate from the surgery.

After surgery hours it will not usually be your own GP who will attend, generally it will be a locum Doctor who (provided it is not a sudden death) will notify your own Practice at the earliest opportunity. He or She will provide you with a provisional conformation of death form which you need to present to your local GP practice on the next working day (if possible) in order for the medical certificate of death to be issued to you.

The Locum will also provide you with a form authorising the removal of the deceased to our funeral home, if so desired.

Death in Hospital

When a loved one passes away in a hospital the duty doctor will usually complete the death certificate but the hospital will generally advise relatives as to when the death certificate will be completed and can be collected. Normally the deceased will be removed to the mortuary at the hospital.

It is important to contact ourselves as soon as possible in order that we can promptly arrange for the collection of the deceased into our care.

Sudden and Unexpected Death

When a person dies suddenly at home or elsewhere, it will most often be paramedics who will attend. The paramedics will usually contact the police who will call at the home and speak to the next of kin. In some circumstances, the death may require consideration by the Procurator Fiscal who will make arrangements for the person who has died to be taken into their facilities at the Southern General Hospital. A post mortem examination may be required, after-which a death certificate will be issued by the Pathologist. Normally we can save you the inconvenience of travel to the south side of Glasgow by collecting the death certificate for you from the Southern General.

This entire process can result in some delay before formal arrangements can be confirmed, but this should not deter you from contacting us as we are fully conversant with Procurator Fiscal procedures and will guide you through the process. It is still possible to make some provisional arrangements and this can help to alleviate some of the uncertainties and stress associated with the circumstances.